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Since early 1990’s, Top salons in Japan and Korea used polypeptides base additive that can be mixed with perms, colors and Japanese straightening to prevent damages and manage hair in much better condition after chemical services.

PhD S. O. Kim and fellow research engineers used first Marine collagen in Nano spheres technology in hair industry to create in CCP(Collagen Control Protector) in late 1990’s and CCP has been used to protect and repair hair from Japanese straightenings which uses strong chemical compounds that break various bonds in the hair.

In 2005, Ultra Bond Seal’s patented “Memory styling Keratin System” was introduced and used in several products to prevent damage from UV, heat and chemicals. It also strengthens & helps reconnect broken disulfide bonds. Today, his team introduces natural Japanese herbal based complex “Wakan” (traditional healing method in Japan) that uses more than 20 different oriental herbs and plants that provide extra benefits to reinforce hair bonds & scalps and repairs the cuticles inside out.

And now, improved formulated Ultra Bond Seal v2.1 is born.

Free of paraben, sillicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and artificial color and is never tested on animals.

Ultra Bond Seal v2.1's "Bond" will replenish stripped hair’s main complex of Keratin, protein and amino acid after multiple chemical services then it will help relink and strengthen broken disulfide bonds intensively in the hair with patented formula, "Seal" will fuse and secure repaired bonds into the cortex and "Home" will maintain and preserve the effects of U.B.S treatment at home.

The protection that Ultra Bond Seal v2.1 offers is permanent. Let’s make a huge difference in the health of your hair.

Ph.D S. O. Kim et des collègues de recherche d’ingénierie ont inventé au début des années 1990, le premier additif à base de polypeptides qui peut être mélangé avec un défrisant et des colorants.

Un premier collagène marin a été utilisé dans la sphère de la Nano technologie en 2000 il a été appelé CCP (collagène contrôle Protecteur)

Ultra Bond Seal a été tout d’abord développé et breveté avec un “ système de mémoire coiffant a la Kératine” qui empêche les dommages causés par les UV, la chaleur, les produits chimiques et les traitements.

Aujourd’hui, son équipe présente un complexe à base de plantes orientales naturelles de “Wakan” (Guérison traditionnel en japonais) et utilise 20 différentes herbes orientales et plantes qui renforcent les liens des cheveux et réparent les cuticules à l’intérieur de celui-ci. Et maintenant, Ultra Bond Seal est né.

Sans parabène, silicone, sulfates, phtalâtes, DEA, aldéhydes et n'est jamais testés sur les animaux. Ultra Bond Seal v2.0 refait les connections abimés des liaisons de soufre désulfité des cheveux grâce aux herbes orientales uniques du complexe « Wakan »

La protection qu’Ultra Bond Seal v2.0 offre est totalement permanente. Nous allons faire une différence importante pour la santé de vos cheveux.

Japanese Wakan
Herbal Complex

Increase Immunity
Increase fundamental immune system of hair structure before any chemical reactions be proceeded to minimize damage.
Cell Restoration. Bond Strengthening, Detoxification
Glycyrrhizin, the main ingredients of Licorice Root alleviate only toxicity from chemical interaction to obtain the most procedure result while minimize hair and scalp damage.
Form a film not only to protect a hair from reactions but also prepare a hazardous chemical components to be washed off easily from hair structure and cuticle layers.
Provide Nutrition
Highly concentrated nutrition from oriental medicine herbs complexes, extracted by traditional extraction method, to be provided


Strengthens and reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.
To be mixed directly with chemical services.
“Do Not Bump up your developer and use your normal Color, Lightener formula”
Purifies remaining chemical residues, repairs and seals the reconnected cuticle layers with protective layers.
To be used after chemical service has been rinsed off.
“Reconnected bonds ( BOND l ) will be sealed with SEAL ll to restore smooth cuticles and shine to hair”
Maintains hair strength, integrity, softens and shine leading up to your client’s next salon service.
To be used 1-2 times a week at home.
  • BOND 500ml/17.86 fl.oz - 1ea
  • SEAL 500ml/17.86 fl.oz - 1ea
  • HOME 150ml/5.36 fl.oz - 1ea
  • Measuring Dispenser - 1ea
  • Instruction - 1ea



“Do Not Bump up your developer and use your normal Color,
Lightener formula”

Direction of Use
  • 1. Measure 1/4oz(7ml) of BOND l with your 1oz(28ml or 28g) Color or Lightener
  • 2. Add measured BOND l thoroughly with pre-mix Color or Lightener
  • 3. Follow with your normal Color or Lightening service
  • 4. Rinse thoroughly with water
  • 5. Follow up with SEAL ll
Mode d’emploi.
  • 1. Mélangez ¼ oz (7cc) de BondⅠavec 1 oz (28cc) de colorant ou d’éclaircissant.
  • 2. Bien mélanger BondⅠ avec le colorant ou l’éclaircissant.
  • 3. Procédez avec votre couleur normal ou un éclaircissant.
  • 4. Bien rincer a l’eau
  • 5. Procédez a Seal Ⅱ(étape Ⅱ)
  • 1/4oz(7ml) BOND l
    Japanese Straightening
  • 1/8oz(3.5ml) BOND l
    Less than
    Service used
  • 1/2oz(14ml) + 3oz(84ml)
    BOND l + Water
    Salon Treatment
    Keratin Smoothing


“Reconnected bonds ( BOND I) will be sealed with SEAL II to restore smooth cuticles and shine to hair”
“Les joints seront scellés avec ‘’Seal’’ pour lisser et redonner brillance a vos cheveux.”

Direction of Use
  • 1. Apply generously after all chemical service is rinsed off with water or shampoo(optional) then towel-dried.
  • 2. Leave SEAL II on clean hair for minimum of 10 mins then rinse with water
  • *Shampoo or conditioner is not necessary
Mode d’emploi.
  • 1. Seal (Étape 2) est appliquer généreusement après que les produits chimiques aient été compléter. Rincez à l’eau et (au shampooing) séchez à la serviette.
  • 2. Laissez le traitement pour une durée minimale de 10 minutes et rincez à nouveau.

HOME lll

“Maintain strength, structure, softness and shine to hair at home 1-2 times a week”
“Maintien la force, la structure, la douceur et la brillance des cheveux. A faire a la maison une ou deux fois par semaine.”
“Mode d’emploi.”

Direction of Use
  • 1. Apply generous amount of HOME Ⅲ to wet-towel dried hair
  • 2. Leave on hair for minimum of 10mins or more
  • 3. Recommend to leave on longer period of time for better result
  • 4. Rinse well with water
Mode d’emploi.
  • 1. Appliquez une quantité généreuse de (Home Étape 3) sur les cheveux séchés à la serviette.
  • 2. Laissez sur les cheveux pour une durée minimale de 10 minutes.
  • 3. Pour un meilleur résultat, il est recommandé de laisser sur les cheveux pour une période plus longue.
  • 4. Bien rincer a l’eau.


MENU Ultra Bond Seal BOND l Method
Measure 1/4oz (7ml)
per 1oz (28g or 28ml)
Color, Toner, Gloss
Japanese Straightening
*Use 1/8oz (3.5ml) for any quantity
less than 1oz (28g or 28ml)
Follow Normal procedure
No extra processing time
No bump up developer
To avoid longer processing time,
Do Not Overuse Bond l
*Use 1/8oz (3.5ml) per 1/2oz (14g)bleach power for Balayage.
Add measured amount of BOND l to pre-mixed lightener and
mix thoroughly . Follow by Seal ll after rinse balayage thoroughly.
Cream Bleach Use 1/4oz (7ml) per 1oz (28g)cream bleach.
Add measured amount of BOND l to pre-mixed lightener and mix
thoroughly. Follow by Seal ll after rinse cream bleach thoroughly.
Lightener w/foil Use 1/4oz(7ml) per 1oz (28g)bleach power.
Add measured amount of BOND l to pre-mixed lightener and mix
thoroughly. Follow by Seal ll after rinse lightener thoroughly.
Use 1/4oz(7ml) per 1oz (28g)Lightener.
Add measured amount of BOND l to pre-mixed lightener and mix
thoroughly. Follow by Seal ll after rinse lightener thoroughly.
Color, Toner,
You can overlap and use Bond l in every single process.
If you are highlighting and then toning, rinse highlight with water,
towel dry and then apply Bond l mixture.
Follow by Seal ll after rinse Color/Toner/Gloss thoroughly.
Mix 1/4oz(7ml) Bond l into neutralizer.
Follow by Seal ll after rinse neutralizer thoroughly.
Perm Mix 1/2oz (14ml)+3oz (84ml) water Spray 1/2oz (14ml) BondⅠ+3oz (84ml) water
mixture on hair before, during or after perm.
Rinse thoroughly with water and apply Seal II as your conditioner.
Gloss Treatment
Mix1/2oz (14ml)+3oz (84ml)water
Use mixture prior and during or after service to
repair damage hair due to chemical & mechanical
and thermal styling
Mix 1/2oz (14ml) Bond l with 3oz (84ml)water.
Saturate mixture to clean hair from roots to ends. Comb through.
Process for more than 10 minutes and layer with Seal ll and then
leave it for additional 10mins or more.
Rinse well with water then towel dry.
*Continue with Keratin Treatment as normal
In-Salon Treatment
Keratin smoothing Treatment
It’s a new product that promises great protection from damage.
But that doesn’t mean throw all of your professional knowledge out the window...
Don’t forget the basics of formulating! You still must consider your starting level and hair texture when looking toward your target level!
If hair is severely compromised, refrain from using heat until the reparative system has been used to restore the health, strength and integrity of the hair



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